Eliot's Performance & Recording Equipment:

Bass Guitars:

1989 six string fretted bass guitar by Ken Smith

1990 six string fretless bass guitar by Keith Roscoe




Acoustic Basses:

1815c. String bass with chromatic extension. Instrument made by Abraham Prescott, American

1892 String bass with fingered extension. Instrument made by Ferdinand Lang, Czech/German

Lemur Flyaway Bass. Made in 2016 by Lemur Music in California




MarkBass Little Mark Tube 500w amplifier

Minimark 802, 150w amplifier

Walter Woods 400w amplifier

Eden WT-800 amplifier

Speaker Cabinets:

Bag End 12” speaker cabinet

Eden XLT 4x10 speaker cabinet

EV 15” speaker cabinet

Abraham Prescott double bass c.1815

Abraham Prescott double bass c.1815

Audio Processors:

MOTU Traveler audio processor (EQ’s and mixes)

                              Ferdinand Lang double bass 1892

                              Ferdinand Lang double bass 1892

Headway blender (interface for string bass)

Juice Box tube direct box

Demeter tube direct box

Microphones and Transducers:

Don Underwood transducer for acoustic bass on the Lang and the Lemur Flyaway.

DPA 4099B acoustic bass microphone mounted onboard the Lang.

When recording, Eliot blends a Neumann TLM 103 microphone and a Royer R121 ribbon microphone as well as the onboard gear.




Eliot uses DR bass guitar strings. Piastro Flat-Chrome Steel for the Prescott and a

combination of Piastro Flat-Chrome Steel and Spirocor's on the Lang and the Lemur Flyaway bass.